Our courses include Chinese, Malay and English. We aim to cultivate students' creativity and practical abilities, including practical and theory course content.


Barista, Mixology & Pastry / Self-Media Digital Marketing

Allows those who are interested in becoming professional barista & bartender / media.

Work & Study

Barista / Mixology

Students will be arranged to work full-time in the café / bar while studying, learning by doing. During the time, you will learn all about coffee / mixology and management skill.

Online Class

Students can freely arrange their study time and participate in the course anytime and anywhere. This flexibility allows students to plan their studies according to their personal schedule.

Part Time

Barista / Mixology

Whether you are a coffee novice, coffee lover, cafe owner, barista or a busy working person, our weekend interest classes will provide you with a platform for learning and communication.

JWC Academy Faculty

Why JWC Academy  ——

We have won international awards and produced the highest number of CHAMPIONS in Malaysia.

Our academy is equipped with a variety of complete coffee and bartending equipment to allow students to unleash their creativity. It has trained over 300 professional baristas and achieved outstanding results in coffee and bartending competitions at home and abroad!

Our Academy Locations