Our Academic Leadership

More than 10 years of professional background

JWC Academy was established in 2009. With more than 10 years of working background in the coffee field, we are committed to helping graduates enter the workplace to develop their technical and practical skills and help students succeed in future careers.

The only Comprehensive Coffee and Bartending Course in Malaysia.

Our courses include coffee, bartending, baking, and other technical and vocational courses, divided into Chinese, English, Malay courses. We focus on cultivating students’ creativity and practical abilities, so our courses have practical and theory course content.

The academy with the most Champion Baristas.

JWC Academy has the most complete coffee and bartending learning environment to allow students to unleash their creativity. We have trained more than 400 professional baristas, and have won many international awards and achieved outstanding results in coffee and bartending competitions in Malaysia and abroad!

JWC Academy Faculty

Nelson Lai

Founder of Just Want Coffee

  • International Certified Arabica Coffee Quality Grader – Q Grader
  • International Certified Robusta Coffee Quality Appraiser – R Grader
  • Southeast Asia National Coffee Competition Judge
  • Thailand National Coffee Brewing Championship Chief Judge
  • China PCA Coffee Competition International Judge
  • China Fushan Coffee Competition International Judge
  • Asean Open Bakers Championship Judge


Principal and Award-winning Barista

  • Malaysian Coffee Latte Art Competition won three consecutive championships (2015, 2016, 2017)
  • World Coffee Competition Champion in Harbin, China (2016)
  • 2017 Asia Brewer’s cup, China Yunnan, P.R.C, 1st Runner up

2017 Top 10 World Ranking


JWC Academy Coffee Trainer

Year of Experience

6 years of experience in coffee industry


Certified by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA Sensory, Brewing Coffee)


JWC Academy Coffee and Bartending Trainer

Year of Experience

10 years of barista experience


Certified by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA Sensory, Barista, Filter Coffee)


A professional contestant who has served as a judge for several coffee competitions


JWC Roastery Wholesale Manager

Year of Experience

15 years of experience in coffee industry


Served as a coach for many professional coffee competition players

Jie Hao

JWC Roastery Wholesale Manager

Year of Experience

10 years of experience as a coffee shop manager


Coffee competition professional, latte art competition champion

Bao Ting

Store manager and chief barista of JWC “You Bar”, “Homies” and “Brooos&Co”

Year of Experience

9 years of experience in coffee industry


2023 PCA Coffee Latte Art Competition Champion


Chief Bartender of JWC “Cabinet 8” and “何日Gin再来”

Year of Experience

15 years of bartending experience


Cocktail Competition La Maison Cointreau Malaysia Competition Winner


Lecturer of English and Malay Barista Work and Study

Year of Experience

More than 5 years experience in coffee industry

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