Past Events

Love is the Ultimate Fashion Festival

Love is the Ultimate Fashion Festival held at Starhill in October 2023 was a captivating event that seamlessly blended the worlds of fashion, love, and hospitality. Sponsored and meticulously curated, this festival not only showcased the latest trends in fashion but also provided a unique platform for students to hone their skills in serving drinks for both the event and the customers.

The event emphasized a fusion of fashion-forward thinking and the artistry of beverage service. Students serving a variety of beverages that complemented the sophistication of the festival. Meticulously crafted cocktails to refreshing alcoholic, the students showcased their versatility and adaptability in catering to the diverse tastes of the event attendees.

As part of their hands-on learning experience, students not only served drinks during the event but also engaged with customers, providing personalized recommendations and ensuring a seamless and enjoyable beverage experience. This interaction not only sharpened the students’ customer service skills but also allowed them to witness firsthand the dynamic and fast-paced nature of event hospitality.

In summary,Love is the Ultimate Fashion Festival at Starhill in October 2023 was a celebration of love, fashion, and the art of hospitality. The event provided a valuable learning experience for students as they honed their skills in serving drinks, navigating the intricacies of a sponsored event, and interacting with a clientele. As the students embraced the fusion of fashion and beverage service, 爱是最大时尚节 left an indelible mark as a unique and stylish celebration at the intersection of love and the latest trends in the heart of Starhill.

Event Date – Oct 2023
Venue – The Starhill KL