Past Events

BMART (Barista, Mixology and Pastry Art) Diploma Students’ Graduation Showcase

The BMART (Barista, Mixology, and Pastry Art) Diploma Students’ Graduation Showcase at NEIVCE (New Era Vocational Institution) in October 2023 was an extraordinary exhibition of skill, creativity, and mastery as students unveiled their final year projects. This culmination of years of learning and hands-on experience brought together a diverse array of talents in coffee, mixology, and pastry arts, creating a unique and immersive experience for attendees.

The showcase primarily focused on the impressive work of the graduating diploma students who specialized in the art of crafting beverages, both in the realms of coffee and mixology. The event provided a platform for these students to exhibit their proficiency in brewing and blending, highlighting their ability to create unique and memorable coffee and alcohol beverages. Each student poured their passion into their projects, demonstrating not only technical expertise but also an acute understanding of flavor profiles and presentation aesthetics.

The BMART Diploma Students’ Graduation Showcase at NEIVE in October 2023 was a celebration of the students’ journey through the realms of barista, mixology, and pastry art. It not only highlighted their technical proficiency but also showcased their ability to innovate and push the boundaries of traditional culinary and beverage arts. As these graduates embarked on the next chapter of their careers, their showcase left a lasting impression on the institution and the attendees, reflecting the promising future of the hospitality industry.

Event Date – Oct 2023
Venue – NEIVE New Era Vocational Institution