Past Events

The International Cafe and Beverage Show (ICBS)

The International Café and Beverage Show (ICBS), held at the prestigious KLCC Convention Center in May 2023, was the biggest and remarkable event that brought together coffee enthusiasts, industry professionals, and diploma students eager to showcase their talents in the dynamic world of beverages.

A standout feature of the ICBS was the spirited group competition among diploma students, where teams competed to create the most innovative and delectable beverages. The competition not only highlighted the technical prowess of the students but also their ability to collaborate, innovate, and present unique drink concepts. From visually stunning presentations to inventive flavor combinations, each group brought their A-game to captivate the judges and the audience.

In addition to the creative beverage competition, the diploma students embraced the entrepreneurial spirit by working as freelancers to sell coffee beans. This multifaceted approach not only tested their barista skills but also challenged their business acumen. The students had the opportunity to interact directly with event attendees, promoting and selling high-quality coffee beans. This aspect of the event not only provided a real-world experience for the students but also added a commercial dimension to their participation, bridging the gap between theory and practical application.

The ICBS in May 2023 successfully showcased the evolving landscape of the beverage industry while providing a platform for diploma students to shine. It fostered an environment of learning, collaboration, and entrepreneurship, leaving a lasting impact on both participants and visitors. This event not only celebrated the art and science of beverage creation but also emphasized the importance of practical skills and industry engagement for the next generation of professionals in the field.

Event Date – May 2023
Venue – KLCC Convention Center