Past Events

JWC Creative Coffee Competition (JCCC)

The JWC Creative Coffee Competition (JCCC) held at The Starhill in Kuala Lumpur was a captivating event that showcased the immense talent and creativity of students in the field of coffee culture. This unique competition provided a platform for students to take charge of their own coffee booths, craft signature drinks, and actively contribute to building awareness of their chosen brands.

Each booth was a hub of creativity, with students showcasing their barista skills and innovative approaches to coffee preparation. From meticulously crafted latte art to innovative brewing techniques, the participants demonstrated their dedication to the art and science of coffee making.

One of the standout features of the JCCC was the students’ task of creating signature drinks. This challenged participants to think outside the traditional coffee cup and invent unique beverages that reflected both their personal flair and an understanding of current coffee trends. The competition fostered an environment of experimentation and discovery, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the world of coffee.

Beyond the coffee itself, the competition emphasized the importance of brand awareness. Students were not only judged on the quality of their coffee but also on their ability to effectively communicate and market their chosen brands. This aspect added a business and marketing dimension to the event, providing students with valuable insights into the holistic nature of the coffee industry.

The Starhill KL served as the perfect backdrop for this competition, offering a sophisticated and vibrant setting that complemented the dynamic energy of the event. The venue enhanced the overall experience for participants and attendees alike, creating a memorable atmosphere for all involved.

In summary, the JWC Creative Coffee Competition at The Starhill KL was a celebration of talent, innovation, and entrepreneurship in the world of coffee. It provided a platform for students to not only showcase their barista skills but also to engage in the broader aspects of brand management and marketing within the coffee industry. This event undoubtedly left a lasting impression on both participants and spectators, contributing to the vibrant coffee culture in Kuala Lumpur.

Event Date – September 2023
Venue – The Starhill KL